Moss in Detail: a Linear Drain Shower

The walk in shower, with linear drain, is a key component of most of our recent bathroom designs.  By popular demand, and because genuinely like them, we find that we’re drawing linear shower drains into walk-in showers for nearly every project.  Today we explore how they work … and why we like them so much.…

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Furniture Feature: Willow Springs Live Edge Table

Our trusty office cat, Bosco, helps us model the Willow Springs Live Edge Table.  This solid and beautiful piece of furniture is the centerpiece of our office meeting area and does double duty as a model of one of our favorite custom furniture pieces available for sale through our Etsy shop or in person through…

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2016 Chicago Recycling Rules: UPDATED JANUARY 2016

There are new (and tighter) 2016 Chicago Recycling guidelines debuting this week.  The city has announced that its planning to slap orange REJECT stickers on blue bins that violate the new regs – especially if they contain items in plastic bags – so read up on the new rules to ensure that your recycling makes…

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