Moka Pot Coffee Illustration

How moss Drinks Coffee: Chemex, Phin and Moka

I: Design-award winning: Chemex Remember that scene in Breaking Bad when the unfortunate, light-footed chemist Gale Boetticher that works alongside Walt demonstrates his coffee machine, calibrated to deliver the perfect cup? This sorta already happened circa 1941, when Chemist Peter Schlumbohm (a German transplant, trying to escape Hitler’s rise to power) invented the Chemex, borne from…

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Fall Biking Tips

Bike Commute this Fall with 5 Easy Tips

Whether you’re trying to save money, get in better shape, ditch your hellish commute, or simply commit to being outside more often, commuting by bike is a great way to get a head start on those New Year’s Resolutions. September is the perfect time to start riding in Chicago as a beginner cyclist since it’s…

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Coming Spring 2017: Intelligentsia Parklet

Another Parklet for Chicago! Logan Square is getting a pop of new green space with the installation of the Intelligentsia Parklet at their Milwaukee Avenue location. We’ve been working with Intelligentsia Coffee for the past few months to create this outdoor outpost, and with freshly issued permits in hand we expect the Parklet to be…

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Canadian Green Stadium: Toronto’s Rogers Centre

America’s Favorite Pastime Finds Green Peers Up North Sports Stadiums in America have been enjoying green overhauls for the past few years and its a good thing too, since these high-octane events can consume quite a portion of the energy pie. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium uses more energy than all of Liberia on…

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Get Excited for Fall Produce!

While we may not be jumping for joy at the idea of winter, there is a beautiful romance to the changing of the seasons; how each one serves a purpose in the natural world, bringing to the fore different color palettes, scents and feelings. One of the most salient markers of the seasonal cycle is…

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Asphalt Alternatives: Can We Escape Winter Potholes?

There’s a joke about Chicago, “there are only two seasons: winter, and construction.” The joke rings as true as it does funny. Summer comes in, hot and humid, and the roads are populated with traffic cones, blinking arrows and large signs in screaming’ orange—“DETOUR”. Boom, and you’re sharing one lane of traffic during rush hour…

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Aerial view of the Olympic Park showing the Olympic Stadium the Aquatics Centre and Water Polo Arena to the left. Picture taken on 16 April 2012.

The Olympic Park: Planning Lessons from the Past

The Olympic Park, that globe hopping, financial sinkhole of an architectural achievement has long been the subject of awe and fascination, whether all the edifices stay standing post-games or not. Ecological buffs (and the city footing the cleaning bill) are still asking the same questions, this years Rio 2016 games being no different—after the fanfare of the…

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moss is Looking for a Project Manager | Architect

Moss is looking for a project manager | architect with 5-10 years of experience in all facets of project design: schematic design, CD’s, permitting, pricing and CA. Bonus points for construction management experience, since we build some of our own projects. Our culture and projects reflect our values. Life balance is essential and we are…

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corten at crew

Building Materials: Corten or Weathering Steel

Last week’s post featuring the recently completed Jordano Photography Studio also showed off a favorite exterior materials – Corten steel – in both its front facade and alley-side patio.  We’ve used it before at the Crew Bar + Grill and also have it on the books for several up and coming designs.  What is this intentionally weathering material…

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