Building Materials: Corten or Weathering Steel

Last week’s post featuring the recently completed Jordano Photography Studio also showed off a favorite exterior materials – Corten steel – in both its front facade and alley-side patio.  We’ve used it before at the Crew Bar + Grill and also have it on the books for several up and coming designs.  What is this intentionally weathering material…

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Start of Summer: Love the sun … and keep your cool

Yesterday was both the summer solstice and the Strawberry moon!   Those two events – plus the weekend of sunny, muggy days – has kicked off Summer in Chicago.  If you missed it don’t panic, today will be almost as long and the moon nearly as full tonight … and its going to be hot for a…

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Moss in Detail: a Linear Drain Shower

The walk in shower, with linear drain, is a key component of most of our recent bathroom designs.  By popular demand, and because genuinely like them, we find that we’re drawing linear shower drains into walk-in showers for nearly every project.  Today we explore how they work … and why we like them so much.…

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