moss architect natural pool


Our first round-up of where the moss team has been on the web this week: First, blazingly hot weather in Chicago had us dreaming of swimming pools, but without the eye-stinging, hair-slicking addition of Chlorine. Enter natural pools, mini-ecosystems designed for swimming that self-purify via water circulation. Via The Daily Green. Another pool in the…

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moss green architect recycled leather ballet flats

Friday Favorites: Reclaimed and Recycled Leather Shoes

What’s an eco-conscious, vegetarian-leaning gal to do when she loves leather shoes? We don’t need to wax on about the positives or negatives of leather; both are well known and both sides are valid. We can’t imagine a scenario in which leather is considered “humane”, but we’re also hard pressed to think of a better…

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Green nutrition labels

Nutrition facts and ingredient lists are ways of amending the sticker price of an items: that margarine/other product may be cheap monetarily, but it may also cost your health down the road. We depend on nutrition labels to inform us of more complex costs, which are framed in contexts of both long-term and short, health…

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moss design at NeoCon 2012

Next Wednesday, June 13, Matt will be speaking about reclaimed materials and architecture at NeoCon. The panel, called Innovation in Reuse: Designing Green Buildings with Reclaimed Materials will explore the use of salvaged pieces and their role in more sustainable architecture through case studies, with the aim to help promote this helpful practice. Matt’s talk,…

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How To Work Outside

The past few weeks have been evenly divided between time spent in the lovely moss studio and time spent on the lovely moss patio. As the weather has warmed, I’ve found the latter more difficult to resist. Outdoor offices are kind of an oxymoron, right? Computers, buzzing phones and suits don’t belong on a grassy…

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LAX Task Desk

There’s a newer version of this post: Read it here! Maybe it was The Jetsons 1960’s interpretation of futuristic furniture or my time in Southern California that explains my affinity for Googie style architecture. Unfortunately for the popularity of Googie architecture, it sounds strikingly similar to the world’s number one search engine. Nonetheless, the style was a continuation…

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