Friday Favorites: Financial Incentives to Recycle

Traveling across the U.S., one encounters subtle (and sometimes glaring) cultural differences between cities. We all fall under the great American umbrella, which makes some of these differences a bit more difficult to put into words. Of course, read any comments section on a travel article dedicated to someone’s hometown, (*ahem*) and you’ll find a blood…

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Begyle Brewing Co. Launches Kickstarter to Save Lost Beer

Our client Begyle Brewing Co., Chicago’s first Community Supported Brewery (think CSA, but with subscriptions of beer), has just launched a kickstarter to end beer shrinkage. Beer shrinkage is the loss of beer that occurs when filling a growler; to prevent Oxygen from entering the unit, a constant flow of liquid must be maintained, resulting in the tragic wasting of…

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moss green architect reclaimed wood desk

X Task Desk

All over the world, trees are being felled to clear space for agriculture and to produce all kinds of wood and paper products. As recently as 2005, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that over 13 million hectares of forest are removed every year. Domestically we have managed to wipe out almost all…

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narayan nutrition label moss green architect

Green nutrition labels: our concept

A few weeks ago, we posted about the idea of a nutrition label that focuses less on calories and carbs, and more on the journey of the food within. Below our concept, done in collaboration with UK artist narayan. Details inside.

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Friday Favorites: Bikes Lanes

We love bikes a lot at moss, and we’re endlessly fascinated with how cities make themselves more bicycle friendly. From cities built long before cars were invented to towns designed around them, every place presents a unique set of challenges to urban planners seeking to promote this excellent form of free transportation and climate-friendly exercise. This…

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