close the curtains on the vortex

Six Quick Fixes to Get You Through the Vortex

Everyone in Chicago is grumbling that we already earned our extreme cold badge for the winter but that won’t make today’s temperature drop any easier to weather.  As an architecture firm, we feel obligated to remind you that good insulation, up-to-date windows, passive solar orientation and design for climate are all important factors in keeping…

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Why the Polar Vortex is Part of a Changing Climate

Recent temperatures during the “Polar Vortex” in Chicago left an arctic fog crawling over Lake Michigan, and those who were able to, sequestered in the safety and warmth of their homes as dangerously cold weather hit on a Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. More incredible photos via Huffington Post. A warmed up Arctic caused a…

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Vic Loft Renovation Part II: Millwork Shop and Install

If you caught our first post about renovating Vic Loft, you saw us and our team tear out a measly ceiling, reroute some electrical, and rework the foundation of our clients’ bedroom, to retain light while adding a little separation via sliding bookshelf storage—all modular for maximum livability. Here’s the progress of our custom designed…

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