clark plaza entry canopy for reside at park lincoln

Year in Review: Moss Projects of 2015

Its hard to believe that 2015 has come to a close already. Here is a rundown of all the great moss projects that wrapped up construction – and started being used for their new purposes – in the last year. Keep reading to check out two new restaurants, a brewery taproom, an optometrist’s office, a…

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Loop Link propels Chicago into Transit leap forward

Moss has been a proponent of BRT over the last few years despite its many setbacks in Chicago and we are excited to see how the first phase – the Loop Link starts to shift the transit landscape as it gets under way.   What is Loop Link? Per the city’s own BRT website, Loop Link is:…

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Revolving Doors … Save Energy with Every Spin

Curious City recently answered, “Why does Chicago have so many revolving doors?” That made us wonder how many people know that using revolving doors saves energy.  If you didn’t before, now you can feel a tiny boost of adult pride and child-like glee when you chose the revolving doors; you’re saving energy while you run around in…

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