clark plaza entry canopy for reside at park lincoln

New Entrance Canopy for Reside at Park Lincoln


The new canopy for the Park Lincoln apartments is a major face lift for this Reside property.  

The Park Lincoln on Clark Street already had some great interior features but its entry needed some work; since it was completely overshadowed by its neighboring USPS location, it didn’t do much to showcase the Reside brand.  Now there’s a gleaming new entry canopy to direct rainwater into green space and clearly mark the building lobby.  Come take a look with us!

We explored a number of design iterations for the canopy and plaza.  Read all about them here: COMING SOON: NEW PLAZA AND ENTRANCE CANOPY FOR PARK LINCOLN BY RESIDE.  We also discuss the process of detailing a canopy like this one to make sure that it will stand the test of time (and handle falling rain and snow appropriately).

Working through a number of proposals, moss and Reside decided on this one with minimal changes to the existing concrete – since it was in good repair, replacing it would have been wasteful.  A set of sleek new entry canopies which project out from the building, directing rainwater and signaling the primary entrance to the building.

Here’s a sketch of that concept below.

final scheme

And now you can see the result.  Here’s the plaza before … looking a little lackluster and a lot like the only thing going on is the USPS office next door and then on the right is the new canopy with lighting and scale more appropriate to direct building residents and visitors to the front door.

Doesn’t it look more inviting now?

before and after entrance canopy

DSC06258 web

DSC06263 web

DSC06289 web

DSC06291 web

So next time you walk down clark to snag a loaf of bread from La Fournette or a cupcake from Molly’s, take gander at Reside’s shining new entry canopy.