Great Lakes Live Edge Elm Coffee Table

This reclaimed live edge coffee table would make a striking addition to any living room, family room, or office meeting area. Crafted from Siberian Elm, the beautiful interlocked grain makes it especially immune to splitting, while aesthetically, the swirling patterns in the wood grain reminded us of our beloved Great Lakes.

The origins of the table are unique, while the way it was acquired is in step with all of our other furniture, following the simple creed of: tread softly and reclaim early and often. The lively chunk of elm was the cutoff section from a restaurant bar fabrication. We diverted it from the waste stream, and transformed it into a centerpiece, art piece and furniture piece bold enough to stand on its own.


Live edge slab: Siberian Elm with clear coat finish
Base: Custom Hot Rolled Steel
Dimensions of table pictured: – 35” wide x 18″ high x 24″ deep–29″ deep (varies with slab)