Link-asauraus #4: Food Waste and Flatland


Where we’ve been on the web this week:

As a temporary resident of London and curious consumer (of food that is) I’m incredibly dazzled by Bourough Market, one of the city’s hugest and most bountiful destinations for food, flowers, spices and lots more. One of the vendors at Borough is called “Rubies in the Rubble”, and it tackles two of the UK’s (and much of the Western world’s) problems: food waste and unemployment, with its brilliant business plan. Taking discarded fruits and vegetables that are still good to eat but remain unsold, Rubies in the Rubble whips up batches of gourmet chutney which help make a better-tasting meal of leftovers, reducing wasted food even further.

Bored at work? Need more fascinating rabbit holes of information to jump down? The Public Domain Review curates unusual works with expired copyrights, like Edwin Abbott Abbott’s mathematical fiction Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. He published it under the pseudonym “A. Square.” Ha! See illustration above.

These pictures from dinner at Alinea just ratcheted up our curiosity tenfold. Whoa.

The Nest Thermostat, project of the “Father of the iPod”, has been updated. It’s purported to be slimmer, sleeker and smarter, helping to make homes even more energy efficient by adapting to their resident’s habits and schedules. Via Mashable.