Pauba Road Offices

Temecula, CA

This project is designed to be site specific and environmentally sensitive. All the building angles and planes relate to their adjacent property lines, setbacks, and slope gradients. The building will be passively cooled, with the location of operable skylights and clerestory windows, by naturally exhausting collected hot air out of the ceiling area. Also included are photovoltaic panels which would reduce electrical energy needs and take advantage of one of the site’s greatest natural resources, the sun. The project also includes ample public space, including a “summer” plaza, “winter” plaza, and a public roof deck. The purpose of the roof deck is to supply ample public space for tenants and building visitors, and to naturally cool the building by eliminating a hot roofing material and replacing it with a planted wire trellis. The landscaping will also utilize native planting species that will blend with the area’s natural flora and lessen irrigation demands.