Bike Riding Through Non-Glacial Wisconsin: the Syttende Mai Ride


In May I returned to the 100K Syttende Mai ride (Norwegian Independence Day) for the first time in a few years.

Coming from Chicago, it’s quite shocking that this sort of rolling hill and valley geography exists in the Midwest. The glacier that flattened Illinois stopped short of scalping southwest Wisconsin, making it the one bastion for the terrain deprived to climb some hills. And they are some serious climbs. Five in total varying from Category 3-4.

So, to close out bike month, here is the ride (in which I was passed by a horse drawn carriage) depicted in sketch map, and photos. Reward at the end of the ride: You guessed it. Cheese curds.

black and white



flower field

Note: Yes, there were cheese curds.

curd mobile