Coming Soon: Jolly Posh Foods is Moving to moss Designed Expanded Shop and Restaurant on Southport Avenue


We’re excited to introduce you to our next project under construction: the new location, expanded shop, and restaurant design for Jolly Posh Foods.

Jolly Posh Foods has been a feature of the Lakeview neighborhood for two years; bringing the taste of classic British food to America.  An anglophile’s dream come true, the shop currently serves classic sandwiches, High Tea and stocks a plethora of British imported products as well as a range of packaged meats created by British ex-pat owner, Nick Spencer.  They started out as a farmer’s market stall, grew into a storefront and are now ready to expand into a fully designed restaurant on Southport Avenue, all while maintaining their stock of meats and import goods!


We’ve been working with Nick Spencer and the Jolly Posh team for three months to put together a design for their new restaurant and now that the permit has been pulled, Jolly Posh has made their own announcement of the big news and all is ready to get started, we want to wet your whistle with a little rundown of the design.  Jolly Posh is planning to be moved into their new space by spring so look for construction updates and the completed photos here on the blog in the very near future!

Early Concept Diagrams

jolly posh concept diagram

Gathering Ideas and Precedents 

jolly posh historic market precedents

Historical Market Precedents: We took inspiration from traditional markets and street vendors of British history.  Gathering these images helped us identify all the  components of those highly functional systems to transport and display merchandise.

jolly posh components diagram

Display Components Diagrams: We wanted Jolly Posh to evoke the traditional british market and did quick study sketches of a number of different components of the classic market stall typology.

Jolly Posh Foods

Seating and Display Diagramming: We experimented with many types of seating and display, tinkering to establish the perfect fittings for the space.

Interior Inspirations 

Here are just a few of the images we pulled together in collaboration with Jolly Posh as we designed their new space.  For more, click on the image to visit our Pinterest board for the project.  As we’ve mentioned before, exchanging likely details, materials, and overall aesthetics with our clients via Pinterest is a key component of our early design process.

jolly posh foods

Perspective Sketches

jolly posh foods

Plan scheme C (in its earliest iteration) with an accompanying perspective sketch of the whole store interior as seen from the street window.  (Picture yourself peeping in with your nose pressed against the glass.  Don’t hurt your nose, come right in!)

jolly posh foods

The Merchandise Display Area: with shelving reminiscent of market stall crates.

jolly posh foods

The Counter area: with British import candy displayed below the counter level and fresh baked bread behind the checkout staff.

jolly posh foods

The Seating Area: with a combination of booth seats and chairs to evoke a cosy pub room aesthetic while keep the space as flexible as possible.

More Jolly Posh news coming soon!  Watch this spot for updates on construction and the final photo shoot before they open.