Friday Favorites: Carrying Posters and Other Awkward Cargo on Your Bike


There are lots of great bags you can hang on your bike, but some things are really awkward in bags. Coffee cups and smoothies, for example, or wine bottles that clang around. Six Packs and U-Locks also make the list. This week’s edition include biking accessories that help a two-wheeled commute run a little smoother with less than optimal cargo.

walnut studiolo blueprint carrying case

Blueprint Carrying Case by Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo has thought of pretty much everything (in hand-tooled leather), from this “seat trunk” to a Can Cage tailored to keep your biking beverage of choice at arm’s length. And we have to mention their Six-Pack Frame Cinch, for carting unwieldy bottles of beer. If we had to pick one that wins for transporting awkward packages though, we’d go with their beautiful leather Blueprint Carrying Case, which looks rather like a quiver of arrows. Rolled up posters, blueprints and artwork can fit in baskets and bags but there is always the fear they’ll get wrinkled, smashed or dirty. We have these guys to thank for tackling that problem.

travel mug coffee holder moss design

Coffee Cup and Travel Mug Holders

Felt Bicycles makes their Café Coffee Cup holder for times when a to-go paper cup is on the menu. Soma Fabrications makes their Morning Rush Coffee Holder especially for travel mugs. Both are compact, and clamp onto handlebars for easy access, but the travel mug situation might be a little safer, especially with steaming hot fresh coffee.

Sunshine Yellow Bike Planter from Wearable Planter

Colleen Jordan had us at “bring your plants on an adventure,” (maybe I’m sappy but that’s the cutest thing I’ve heard in a while). Atlanta-based designer Jordan’s creations are elegant and mischievous, ranging from an impressive assortment of necklaces (yes, with tiny plants inside them) pins, and even a pair of earrings. Since tossing a plant in your purse isn’t really practical, her bike plant holder, best suited for hearty succulents, is great for transporting plants for gifting, or just so you’re never lonely.