Enlightened Man’s Entertainment Center

This piece can hold your treasured classics and cherished vintages. The wine shelf section features herringbone style shelving, which allows the wine to lay on its side, which keeps the cork moist. A replica is installed at our project Bar Pastoral, a wine and cheese bar in Lakeview.

The Walnut pictured here makes use of framing members and siding from a demolished barn in Northern Indiana. The mortise and tenon holes, nail marks, and other graces of time are visible on the piece. The base cabinet (designed to store five carboys and one five- gallon stock pot. Yes, we have a beer brewing hobby.) Has an adjustable shelf, and the upper portion is half book shelf and half wine storage, capable of holding about 10–12 cases

Dimensions of piece pictured: 8′ long x 1′ 4″ deep x 7′ 2″ high

Each piece is made to order so wood species, design, and dimensions may be customized.



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