The Sexiest Halloween Costume is … An Architect. It’s really easy, too.


Halloween is Saturday – the party is probably Friday night – have you got your costume ready?  If not never fear.  We have an easy suggestion that will send you straight to the head of the queue.

If your halloween costume must be sexy …

It wouldn’t be October without plenty of hoopla about the danger of the sexy halloween costume.  In case you live under a rock, the song goes like this.  Kids these days use halloween as an excuse to dress up as a sexy fill-in-the-blank, with a lot more emphasis on the sexy than the fill-in-the-blank.  Mean Girls said it best:

a mouse duh

We won’t weigh in on the controversy other than to say that maybe parents should work more on teaching their sons not to creep than bundling up their daughters.  Ah, to live in a just society!

Why not be the sexiest person around?

Internet lists regularly set architects on, or at the top, of their sexiest professions rankings (for men).  It only makes sense, really.  That’s why architecture is so commonly used in movies when the writer needs a non-plot-related job for the romantic lead.  Its perfect code for intelligent-and-creative-but-still-well-off-enough-to-live-a-life-appropriate-to-the-product-placement-standards-of-the-advertisers.  And as Curbed put it humorously in their reference to Architect being the favorite fake job in movies: “If you’re looking for a great husband, try to marry an architect who has accidentally gotten his feet stuck in a pool of concrete. That guy is never going anywhere.”

How to be an Architect for Halloween

During the most of the year to be an architect, you’d need to attend an approved design school, accrue years of supervised experience and pass seven fiendishly abstruse exams.  This weekend all you need is the right outfit. Fortunately for you, the halloween costume really couldn’t be easier.

You’ll need:

  1. Black clothing (head to toe preferred, but it can be pretty casual)
  2. Signature Shades (an architect ALWAYS wears dramatic glasses)
  3. Some high quality Archi-babble

OR, you can dress up for Halloween like an actual architect would … and come as your own building.

dress as your building