Hermitage Passive House Breaks Ground


After 100 years of disjointed additions and subtractions our project on Hermitage is about to get a serious makeover in the first phase of a robust passive design renovation. Our clients, an extended family of five, had been sharing a-way-too-small bathroom for the better part of a decade and needed some extra room and freshened space. Also, the third bedroom felt more like a generously sized closet which did not have room for much more than a bed. Instead of simply adding space over the existing one-story kitchen to accommodate the enlarged third bedroom and bathroom, our solution incorporated a previous ‘appendage’ addition into the design scheme while also taking into account solar orientation and passive design strategies. The design scheme intentionally demarcates from the existing faux-Victorian aesthetic to provide a more sustainable and relevant design methodology. Drawings inside and more info inside.

The existing rear entry vestibule (which provides private access for the in-law unit at the basement) was extended up and received a new roof to match the new roof line of the second floor addition. The second floor roof and overhangs were designed such that the sun during the summer months would be blocked while allowing it to passively heat the bedrooms in the winter. The window openings also allow for hot air to rise in the space and exhaust out of operable transoms, while still maximizing glazing for views to the west. The project is slated to begin with demolition this week and is scheduled to be completed by August.