Link-asaurus #2


July flew by way too quickly. Ok, maybe we say this about every month, every summer, but we swear, this time it really did. Lots has been happening at moss this week, mainly surrounding our parklet in Andersonville (in case you missed it, check out mentions at the Trib and CBS, or just stop by!) Of course like any 2012’er, we still found time to spend elsewhere on the web.

Two amazing ladies from the ReBuilding Exchange, Cynthia Main and Meegan Czop were featured in Crafted in Carhartt, a blog about women who build, construct, saw and sand. We learned some great facts about them both, including that Meegan skateboards around the gigantic warehouse where RE holds its treasure trove of salvaged materials, workshops and repurposed furniture, to save time.

A quick open ended google search (our favorite way to explore the internet) reveals that many people still aren’t sure how to safely recycle many everyday items. So one can imagine the wealth of information needed to fuel, where items from “the nets around wine bottles” to toilet seats are carefully considered in terms of their return to the waste stream (or as a lovely handcrafted gifts).

This not-so-great Badminton match during the 2012 Olympics. And on a more positive note, real-time energy usage stats at the Olympics are now available from EDF (the energy supplier for the games), using Visi, this data visualization web tool created by Applied Works. We think this has great implications for increased energy efficiency on both small and large scales. See it working right now at Olympic venue the Velodrome (pictured above.)

Have a great weekend!