Link-asaurus #10: Spring weather, produce and the trouble with parking stickers


What an absolutely gorgeous Chicago Spring day, the perfect kick-off to the weekend. Here’s where we’ve been on the web this week:

Though we want to be outdoors, spending time inside with some of this season’s incredible produce is an equally magnetic option. In the spirit of taking a break from the computer screen, we are loving these old school, beautiful recipe card boxes from Rifle Paper Co, made of locally salvaged hardwood (well, local to the producer) adorned with a floral design. Via Design Sponge.

On that note, Mark Bittman’s guide to Spring vegetables is an exciting primer on how to welcome Rhubarb, Asparagus and Leeks etc. into the kitchen.

Sustainble Packaging (or lack thereof) has been a big topic at moss this week, and this Gapers Block article on the waste created by parking stickers plays into the frustrating “short use, way-too-long shelf life” concept. The parking stickers, only useful for a handful of hours, are estimated to create 45 tons of unrecyclable waste per year. Yet another reason to wish we still had quarter-fed meters, when parking was cheap and leaving an anonymous gift was easy.

This is an interesting take on what urban buildings might look like in 2050. Perhaps not the sleekest, but an intriguing vision that strays from specialized commercial spaces in a big way. Via Fast.Co.

We’re having fun browsing the website at Urban Remains Chicago, a giant warehouse filled to the brim with reclaimed architectural artifacts and other salvaged curiosities from the mid-19th century to the late 1960’s.

And if the warm weather keeps up, here is a handy guide to great Chicago walks starting from different EL stops (though the Lakefront, Old Town and The Loop are always great bets). Via TOC.

Have a wonderful Easter, Passover and/or weekend!