Link-asaurus #3


Ah, that crisp autumn air (or is that just in London, where I’ve been for the past couple months?) Sharp no.2 pencils, creaseless paper, brand new highlighters that will never get used up. It’s back to school season, and whether you’re a student or not, the energy crackling forth is infectious. Fittingly, we have a lot to share with you this week:

Chrissy Camba, formerly of Vincent, was announced as the chef at our project, Bar Pastoral last week. A round up of media reactions to the news can be found on the pastoral blog. Chicago Mag also posed five questions to Camba, where she describes some dishes she’s planning to have on the menu.

Our clients, Cedar Street’s impetus for remodeling molding, crumbling complexes was bowls of star-anise studded broth, bursting with cilantro and basil. Vietnamese food is a a powerful motivator.

The science behind why birds fly in a V (or J) formation is especially scintillating given that planes may someday follow, in a move to slash carbon emissions by 25%. Biomimicry at its finest. (Via Dezeen.)

Illustration by Sophie Blackall

Does anyone else read Missed Connections a lot? Here are some of the most magical, illustrated by Sophie Blackall. We were reminded of these from Maria Popova’s excellent site, Brain Pickings, which is best compared to that moment in a movie where a giant treasure chest is opened, casting a yellowish glow on an overjoyed protagonist.

After being dazzled by a million London coffee shops, few of which serve good old filter coffee (not that I’ve anything against espresso), I’ve found the Nordic Bakery, which has a gorgeous Scandinavian style interior, painted in a serene ocean blue, and makes the cup of inky black coffee I’ve been missing, and the dense, spiced cinnamon roll I didn’t know I missed (recipe here). That might explain all of the American accents I overheard there this morning.

Happy Friday!