Linka-saurus #9: Valentine's Day


The photo above is a picture I took in Paris, purportedly the city of love. Although romantic gestures often involve elements native to the countryside (beautiful flowers, for instance), there is something romantic about cities. Even in the grayest and coldest weather, they never cease to dazzle with lights and winding streets to undiscovered places. Though Valentine’s Day can be…polarizing to say the least, I can’t help but be extra appreciative of creative celebrations of the holiday, like the ones below.

Photo by Tim Skylarov contact:
Photo by Tim Skylarov contact:

This Chicago Detours post, which highlights some of the most romantic architectural places in Chicago to bring a valentine, with starkly beautiful photos.

Maria Popova’s Timeless Valentine to the Cosmos celebrates St. V Day without leaving anyone out.

Apartment Therapy rounds up the best TV episodes (all on Netflix!) to watch should you choose to be at home this evening.

And it’s an old standby, but a hot chocolate and a stroll through the neighborhood never loses its charm during the winter months. Chicago Now reports on Chicago’s top ten hot chocolates.

Oh and a victory for love and equality everywhere: Illinois Senate passed the same sex marriage bill!

Happy Valentine’s Day!