May Garden Update: little urban gardens in Chicago


For the first garden update of the Spring, I’ll be posting just a few pictures of what’s happening in my backyard. Our next update will feature the plant life in our office/home garden here at moss, with lots of native species goodness.


I am incredibly lucky to live (and work) with avid and knowledgable gardeners, so in addition to some tried and true favorites, we are experimenting with some less oft-planted blooms in Logan Square. If you were thinking about growing St. John’s Wort in your backyard, fear not, because ours is thriving. St. John’s Wort is an old remedy for scrapes and burns, and is reputed to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-depressant properties.

full shot

We’ve posted a few trellises in anticipation of winding flowers.

use this

And we’re growing some kale. Kind of a lot of kale, which we’ll be eating well into Autumn. Check out our progressing garlic, garlic chives and varieties of butter lettuce below.

use this too



Above is Jacob’s Ladder, which is an Illinois native perennial.

This Spring has really been my first time gardening, and my absolute favorite part has been loosening the soil so that fledging plants can more easily spread their roots. A few weeks ago, we planted our beet seeds, a blackberry bush (won’t bear fruit for another couple years) and bergamot among other things. Watch our blog for more updates!