The moss::: List: Best Recipe Spots for Thanksgiving (or For Any Occasion)


Everyone at moss::: is looking forward to Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Whatever one’s feelings on the pilfering habits of pilgrims, we can all pleasure in gathering with families and friends to celebrate good food and the good things in life.  

Whether you have your meal already planned and prepped, or are just planning to show up to someone else’s table, you might enjoy looking forward to Thursday through the lens of these, our favorite Thanksgiving recipe sources.



thanksgiving tableLast year we shared a few favorite Thanksgiving recipes from each moss::: team member.  Be sure to check out that list here: HOW WE OPERATE: THANKSGIVING AND GREAT FOOD AT MOSS:::


squash vs pumpkinWe also chatted about the difference between pumpkin and winter squash pie last year.  Don’t miss the breakdown here: YOUR PUMPKIN PIE IS A FAKE, BUT THANKSGIVING WILL BE OK (Spoiler alert: squash pie is actually better!)


local veggiesAnd a few years ago we laid out a list of suggestions for how you can eat food grown close to home at your harvest fest meal: LOCAL ILLINOIS THANKSGIVING.





new york times recipe pageThe New York Times has a truly outstanding Thanksgiving web presence this year.  Their Build a Feast page begins by allowing the reader to select for the size of their gathering, cooking experience, desired complexity and lead time, and the dietary preferences of all eaters.  Then it suggests a range of mouthwatering recipe suggestions that had me wanting to make three Thanksgiving meals.

lotty and doofLottie and Doof is Laura’s go to food blog.  The photos are beautiful, recipes excellent, and it’s crafted by a Chicago local.  It covers both food and “the role the domestic space plays in politics and the formation of opinion,” and teases its Twitter feed with messages like “F Bruce Raunder, follow me”.  Needless to say, we love it.

smitten kitchenSmitten Kitchen is a shared favorite of Laura and Della.  It is a marvelous base camp for just about any baking project but also has really great savory treats as well.  Their cookbook will first glue you to the chair and then send you running for the grocery store.  Get there immediately and bake something from its current list or archive.

liquriousLety always likes to have an idea what a dish looks like before diving in so she likes the companion visual recipe websites Liqurious and Tastologie run by  Their bold grid layout encourages visual browsing and you’ll find it easy to get lost in your recipe thoughts when you visit here.




how to cook everythingMark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything (or How To Cook Everything Vegetarian) is pretty much the Go-To cook book for several of us.  Whenever tackling a new ingredient or cooking concept, turn to this reference for the best explained jumping off point for any new culinary venture – its particularly useful for veggies from summer CSAs.

lucky peach

Lucky Peach Magazine is a huge moss::: favorite.  Matt has just picked up their new 101 Easy Asian Recipes, because he likes all things Asian cooking and need reasons to use his Red Boat Fish Sauce.  Try this for an alternative to traditional Thanksgiving fare!


root to leafStephen Satterfield’s Root To Leaf is a marvelous addition to any kitchen, laying out the local veggies of Southern cuisine by their season, encouraging readers to eat each when it is freshest and best.  It’s a great source for the best thing to eat in ANY season.   Glowing Eater review here.


So take a spin, or a flip, through some of these suggestions and don’t hesitate to weigh in below if you have recommendations of your own.