Vic Loft Renovation Part II: Millwork Shop and Install



If you caught our first post about renovating Vic Loft, you saw us and our team tear out a measly ceiling, reroute some electrical, and rework the foundation of our clients’ bedroom, to retain light while adding a little separation via sliding bookshelf storage—all modular for maximum livability.

Here’s the progress of our custom designed millwork—for our closet doors, sliding bookshelves and bathroom—under the watchful craftsmanship of our finish carpenter Nunzio.

When woodworking is involved, weather conditions can effect the porosity of the wood, and determine when it can be handled without damage, so schedules can vary slightly if it’s an especially humid (or dry) day. It’s a delicate process, but the end result is stunning, beautiful pieces that develop a warm, vintaged look with age (and don’t reveal plastic inside once the veneer cracks).

After the jump, we’ll show you the cabinetry division bring our vision to life, and then return to the construction site for installation.

First, a look at our sketches for the maple bookshelves and tracking, closet and transom window (in aforementioned order below):

Vic Loft Sketch 02

Our sliding bookshelves in action below:

Vic Loft Sketch 03

The next image is a close-up of how the tracking for the sliding bookshelves/clothing drawers function:

window sketch

Our closet, with custom designed sliding Shoji doors  (which we’ve also featured in our Melrose House project) for their elegance and permeability to light.

Vic Loft Sketch 04

Our transom window (a window above the door and below the ceiling/roof, typically seen on the front door), which we built specifically to allow light into the bathroom, is detailed below.

Vic Loft Sketch 05

Nunzio and us around the millwork shop.

Nunzio Studio 04

Nunzio Studio 06

Nunzio Studio 01

2013-07-10 12.34.34

And here are our pieces for the Vic loft being put together. The next image is of the Shoji doors, which, once finished will get panes of frosted glass installed.

Nunzio Studio 07

Below are pictures of the assembly of storage drawers for the bookshelf units.


Nunzio Studio 13a

Nunzio Studio 15

Nunzio Studio 16

The last couple images show pieces for the tracking that will assist the shelves in sliding smoothly into all of their configurations. 

Nunzio Studio 17

Nunzio Studio 19

Once our products were finished, we brought them back to Vic Loft to install them onsite.

Bookcase Construction 01 Bookcase Construction 02 Bookcase Construction 03 Bookcase COnstruction 04 Closet Construction 01 Closet Construction 02 Closet Construction 03 Window Construction 01 Window Construction

Nunzio invited us into conference room for some delicious Arancini (Nunzio was born in Sicily, the origin of these fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella and a tomato ragú). We took some home for the rest of the office, where they were thoroughly enjoyed. Watch this space for the final installment of our series on Vic Loft: completion and photo shoot!