chicago farmers market locations map 2014

Mapping Chicago Farmers Market for (nearly) Every Day of the Week – 2014 Edition


City of Chicago Farmers Markets will be opening this next week, with an official kickoff ceremony at the Daley Plaza Market a week from today.  But some independent markets have already pitched their tents (the Nettlehorst French Market has been up and running since the last Saturday in April) and with warm air blowing and spring flowers blooming everyone at moss is eager to grab a canvas bag and go find a market.

WAIT!  There’s an updated version of this post.  

Go to to the 2016 Chicago Farmers Market Map post and see the current info on when and where you can visit a Chicago Farmers Market this year.

The very abundance of farmers markets in Chicago makes it hard to keep track of them all. Puzzling over the City of Chicago list (and wishing that it included listings for independently managed markets too), we figured that other people might want the same thing we did.  So we decided to make our very own Map of all the 2014 Chicago Farmers Markets!  And then we broke it down into a more useable set  of Farmers Market Maps by Day of the Week.

Take a look and see what’s going on in your slice of the city today!

Chicago Farmers Market Map tuesday

Columbus Park  |  Harrison and Central  |  Tuesdays 2pm to 7 pm, starting June 24th

Federal Plaza  |  Adams and Dearborn  |  Tuesdays 7 am to 3pm, starting May 20th

Lincoln Square  |  Lincoln / Leland / Western Intersection  |  Tuesdays 7am to 1pm, starting June 3rd

Museum of Contemporary Art  |  Chicago and Mies van der Rohe Way  |  Tuesdays 7am to 3pm, starting June 3rd

Willis Tower Plaza Market  |  Wacker and Jackson  |  Tuesdays 7am to 3pm, starting June 26th

Chicago Farmers Market Map_wednesday

Andersonville Market  |  Berwyn between Clark and Ashland  |  Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm starting May 21st

City Farm Stand  |  1204 N. Clybourn  |  Wednesdays, Thursdays 1pm to 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm, starting in June

Devon Community Night Market  |  2720 W. Devon  |  Wednesdays 4pm to 8 pm, starting July 9th

Ford City Mall Market  |  7601 S. Cicero  |  Wednesdays 8am to 1 pm, starting July 9

Green City Market  |  Clark and Lincoln  |  Wednesdays and Saturdays 7 am to 1pm, starting in May

La Follett Park Market  |  1333 N Laramie  |  Wednesdays 2pm to 7pm, starting June 25th

Lawndale Market**  |  147th and Hawthorne  |  Wednesdays 2pm to 7pm

Prudential Plaza Market**  |  130 E Randolph   |  Wednesdays 10am to 2pm, starting in June

Pullman Market  |  111th and Cottage Grove  |  Wednesdays 7am to 1pm, starting July 9th

Seaway Bank Market  |  645 E 87th  |  Wednesdays 9am to 2pm, starting July 23rd

Washington Park Farm Stand  |  Washington Park Green Youth Farm  |  Wednesdays 9am to 1pm, starting July 10

Wood Street Farm Stand**  |  5814 S Wood  |  Wednesdays 11am to 4pm

Chicago Farmers Market Map_thursday

Austin Town Hall Market  |  Lake and Central  |  Thursdays 2pm to 7pm, starting June 26th

Argyle Night Market  |  Argyle and Sheridan  |  Thursdays 5pm to 9pm, starting July 10th

City Farm Stand  |  1204 N. Clybourn  |  Wednesdays, Thursdays 1pm to 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm, starting in June

Daley Plaza Market  |  Adams and Dearborn  |  Thursdays 7am to 3pm, starting May 15th

Hyde Park Market  |  Harold Washington Park, 53rd and Hyde Park  |  Thursdays 7am to 1pm, starting June 5th

Chicago Farmers Market Map_saturday

Bridgeport Market  |  35th and Wallace  |  Saturdays 7am to 1pm, starting June 21st

Bronzeville**  |  4400 S Cottage Grove  |  Saturdays 8am to 1pm

City Farm Stand  |  1204 N. Clybourn  |  Wednesdays, Thursdays 1pm to 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm, starting in June

Englewood / Anchor House Market  |  76th and Racine  |  Saturdays 8am to 1pm, starting June 28th

Division Street Market  |  Division between State and Clark  |  Saturdays 7am to 1pm, starting May 10th

Green City Market  |  Clark and Lincoln  |  Wednesdays and Saturdays 7 am to 1pm, starting in May

Hyde Park  |  61st between Dorchester and Blackstone  |  Saturdays 9am to 2pm, Starting May 17th

Lincoln Park Market  |  Armitage and Orchard  |  Saturdays 7am to 1pm, starting May 10th

Printers Row Market  |  Dearborn and Polk  |  Saturdays 7am to 1pm, starting June 21st

Nettlehorst French Market  |  3252 N Broadway  |  Saturdays 8am to 2pm, starting April 26th

Northcenter Market  |  Belle Plaine / Damen / Lincoln Intersection  |  Saturdays 7am to 1pm, starting June 14th

Southport Market  |  1420 Grace  |  Saturdays 8am to 2pm, starting June 21st

W. Humboldt Park Market  |  3610 W Chicago  |  Saturdays 10 am to 2pm, starting June 28th

Chicago Farmers Market Map_sunday

Beverley Market  |  95th and Longwood  |  Sundays 7am to 1pm, starting May 11th

Garfield Park Conservatory  |  300 N Central Park Ave  |  Sundays 11 am to 4pm, starting June 22nd

Glenwood Sunday Market  |  Glenwood between Morse and Lunt  |  Sundays 9am to 2pm starting June 1sth

Independence Park Market  |  3945 N Springfield  |  Every Other Sunday, 9am to 1pm, starting June 9th

Pilsen Community Market  |  18th and Halstead  |  Sundays 9am to 3pm, starting May 25th

Portage Park Market  |  Berteau and Central  |  Some Sundays 10am to 2pm, starting June 1st

South Shore – Rainbow Beach Park Market  |  79th and South Shore  |  Sundays noon to 5pm, starting June 22nd

Wicker Park Market  |  Damen between Schiller and Wicker Park  |  Sundays 8am to 2pm, starting may 11th

** Disclaimer: These maps are compilations of information available online for ready reference.  City of Chicago sponsored market information comes from their 2014  Chicago Farmers Market listings.  Information for the independent farmers markets came from individual websites (linked above) where possible but was also pulled from this Chicago Tribune article listing 2013 Market locations so they may not be accurate for 2014.  

If you know of a market we’ve missed or other data that should be changed, let us know in the comments!