Horus to the rescue


Exelon is planning a solar power plant on the southside of Chicago which would be funded by loan guarantees from the Department of Energy.

This story caps a solar-energy-news heavy month, where we learned someone is working on making solar panels affordable by making end-users leasees of the technology instead of owners.

In addition, Texas is trying to subsidize small scale solar energy users. And, the shining star of the sustainability movement, Wal-Mart, is doubling the amount of solar panels on their citadels. Meanwhile, Exelon, who happens to be my personal energy provider, raked in $797 million this quarter, a $170 million improvement over the same period last year. The pure economics would leave me to believe that Exelon is not really interested in its users reducing their energy consumption. Something that we should think about doing, lest we like the look of the entire state shrouded with solar panels