Spencer’s Jolly Posh Complete and Open for Brunch, Tea, and Dinner in Quirky British Style


We’re thrilled to share with you the snappy snaps of our latest completed project: the newly relocated Spencer’s Jolly Posh Foods on Southport.  

Jolly Posh has been a neighbor of ours in Lakeview for several years now as they made a name for themselves as a purveyor of delightful British import items, producer of packaged meats created by British ex-pat owner, Nick Spencer, and host of buzz-worthy afternoon high tea (after beginning as a plucky farmers market stall).  As they started to outgrow their former location on Irving Park, they approached us to help them design a new space in the neighborhood which could handle all their existing needs and provide indoor and outdoor space for not only afternoon tea, but brunch and dinner service as well.  

DSC03752 copy

Although they moved into their new space a while ago and re-commenced suppling Chicago with tasty import goods and sausages asap, they waited until everything inside was perfect to have their official opening.  Now the restaurant is ready to roll as well.  You may recognize many of the final features from our design sketches.  If you’re interested there’s a whole post on the subject here: Coming Soon: Jolly Posh Foods is Moving to moss Designed Expanded Shop and Restaurant on Southport Avenue.  


jolly posh perspective check out counter jolly posh perpective_shelving


Before Jolly Posh set their sights on making it their own, their new building was an open, undifferentiated space that didn’t take great advantage of the beautiful light coming in its storefront windows.  Here’s a collage of our construction process complete with temporary lighting, clarifying sketches on the walls and sequential improvements through construction!



The shop elements are located at the rear (in the heart) of the space with display shelving inspired by the elements of a traditional british market and easily modifiable chalkboard signs over the sandwich counter.  For customers wanting to slip in for a quick fix of Black Sausage, Wensleydale Cheese or Branston Pickle, or to grab a sandwich on the go, there is always easy access.

DSC03723 copy

DSC03746 copy

Closer to the sunny, west-facing store front simple tables invite visitors to linger over pastry and a cuppa or a full meal.

DSC03709 copy

DSC03740 copy

DSC03734 combined

DSC03712 copy

In good weather seating spills out across the sidewalk into a outdoor seating which overlooks the quiet Grace intersection, elementary school and down Southport to the Music Box Theater marquee.

DSC03702 copy

So come on down to Southport and visit the new store.  You’ll come for the chocolate and stay for the charm.  Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments below!