June Garden Update: native plants and summer strawberries


Our second garden update of the season takes place at the moss office garden, awash with plants native to Illinois and thus requiring little water or maintenance. Two patches out front are filled with native hummingbird and butterfly attracting plants, most of which are from the University of Illinois Extension.


In this photo: Spider Wort and Blue Cornflower.


In the planter box, sage hangs over the edge, ready to be picked.


Heirloom tomatoes lean against bright yellow supports. Their leaves smell so amazing, we can’t wait for the tomatoes to start coming through and putting the droll supermarket tomato to shame.


Basil, the classic summer herb, will be featured in everything from drinks to pasta to salads and pesto.


Our strawberries have already begun coming in, and they taste fantastic.


In this photo: Rattlesnake Master, Foxglove Beardtongue, Yellow Cornflower.


Native Illinois plants. Pictured: Gayfeather (it really feels like a bird’s feather) with it’s soft, wispy leaves and Golden Alexander.


Our very modern bird condo.



Rows of boxwood.

IMG_1463 moss urban garden 01

In this photo: Solomen’s Seal and a couple ferns.

Watch our blog for the next update of my garden back in Logan Square, where the Jacob’s Ladder threatens to take over and the Alliums have rendered it truly otherworldly.