moss Team Rocks Bike Commuter Challenge


June 8–14, 2013 was Chicago’s Bike Commuter Challenge, a week where Active Transportation Alliance encouraged offices to log their commutes in methods other than private vehicle. Participating offices were categorized by number of employees for fairness’ sake, and the whole point of the challenge was to get people both more active during their commutes, and to reduce green house gas emissions. Can we also add that the lack of frustration at traffic jams/city driving is worth it’s weight in bikes alone?

At the end of the challenge, our office had achieved 100% participation (meaning everyone took at least one bike ride), and we had logged 340 miles on bikes, burned over 18,000 calories and saved about 132 lbs of Greenhouse Gases between our staff of 6. That was enough to put us in the lead of our bracket of offices holding less than 25 employees.

Within the moss team, Chris took the lead, traveling over 138 miles on his bike, and saving 127 lbs of GHG’s. Way to go Chris, you get an extra helping of pierogis.

Congratulations to all participants on getting active and saving fuel! It was definitely a fun challenge that threw a little edge into our morning commutes.

Official group and individual stats after the jump!

Official Stats:

moss design:

Organization Size: 6 people

Confirmed Participants: 6

Trips: 66

Distance/Miles: 340 miles

Calories Burned: 18,039

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 16 Gallons

Greenhouse Gases Saved (LBS): 132 LBS

% Active Participants: 100%

Individual Stats: 

Chris Koster: 

Trips: 10

Distance (Miles): 138.3 miles

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 6.47 gallons

Calories Burned: 7348

GHG saved (LBS): 127.2 lbs

John Wolters (team leader):

Trips: 15

Distance (Miles): 83.89 miles

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 3.93 gallons

Calories Burned: 4,458

GHG saved (LBS): 77.2  lbs

Mike McIntyre:

Trips: 17

Distance (Miles): 22.65 miles

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 1.06 gallons

Calories Burned: 1203

GHG saved (LBS): 20.77 lbs

Emily Torem: 

Trips: 2

Distance (Miles): 1.91

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 0.09 gallons

Calories Burned: 102

GHG saved (LBS): 1.76 lbs

Matt Nardella: 

Trips: 16

Distance (Miles): 69.22 miles

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 3.24 gallons

Calories Burned: 3678

GHG saved (LBS): 63.76 lbs

Laura Cripe: 

Trips: 8

Distance (Miles): 35.8 miles

Fuel Saved (Gallons): 1.7 gallons

Calories Burned: 1,250 calories burned

GHG saved (LBS): 33 lbs saved