Link-asaurus #5: Barcelona bike lanes, carpooling, and solving food waste


We’ve been pretty fixated on transportation this week, as our web history attests:

For International Ride-Sharing Day, Treehugger compiled a list of carpooling apps to coordinate schedules with friends, friends of friends or strangers. Montreal’s service was banned for being too effective and competing with local buses. BRT lanes anyone?

We’d like to amend our post on cleverly designed bike lanes to highlight Barcelona’s amazing ‘Bici’ (that’s Catalan for bike) routes on select major streets. In some iterations, two way lanes sit in the middle of traffic (see above), which we think is a brilliant way to increase the visual presence of cyclists on the street. There are also separate traffic lights for cyclists and pedestrians, leaving cars to zip by on either side while those traveling at less potentially deadly speeds negotiate right of way amongst themselves.

A few years ago, I worked at a daycare center during lunch time. I was astounded by the amount of food waste generated there. Large quantities of food had to be tossed daily due to regulations (and the fickle appetites of 3-4 year olds) and in the event that it could be legally distributed the questions of “who”,”how,” and “who’s paying for it” remained. I often thought about a service that might pick up extras, and deliver it to shelters and charities, and now, though it isn’t in Chicago, someone has. Called Food For Good, the project is set up by three students in London, where it collects leftover food from restaurants and delivers it to charities. We hope the word spreads continuing the trends of feeding more and wasting less.

Happy Friday!