Friday Favorites: Bikes Lanes


We love bikes a lot at moss, and we’re endlessly fascinated with how cities make themselves more bicycle friendly. From cities built long before cars were invented to towns designed around them, every place presents a unique set of challenges to urban planners seeking to promote this excellent form of free transportation and climate-friendly exercise. This week’s edition is dedicated to our favorite improvements to bike lanes.

Bike Super Highways

London, among other cities, has bike super highways, where designated (and sometimes brightly colored) bike lanes are completely separate from vehicle lanes. We think this is a great idea as a couple painted white lines don’t help much with guidance or safety from collisions.

Bike boxes

To enforce a rule that’d let bikes in shared lanes turn first at junctions, bike boxes are being implemented in many cities around the world. Demarcating the first space in a line of traffic as bike-only makes it easy to enforce. This one’s in Portland.

Bike Lift

In hilly Trondheim, Norway, bikers are given special treatment when they haven’t prepared for a triathlon-style workout on their morning commute. To encourage biking, even on steep inclines in the city center, the Trampe bike lift pulls cycles (and their riders) to the top of hill Brubakken so they can continue on their way.