Link-asaurus #7: Driverless Cars and Artificial Islands


"Blue Plan" in Copenhagen, from PK3 and Tredje Natur
source: “Blue Plan” in Copenhagen, from PK3 and Tredje Natur, from

Audi got blessings from the forces that be to begin test driving its driverless cars on public streets. There are many implications of the entry of driverless cars into our daily commutes. More texting with less accidents is one. Perhaps decreased emissions from synchronized trips, but might this be offset by an increase in driving due to not having to park? Will they increase sprawl? Make cycling less attractive? Interesting articles on the subject from The Economist and Freakonomics. Via Design Taxi.

I tried to make Tarte Tatin (a caramelized apple tart) for Christmas and wound up with an impenetrable window of caramel, which was promptly thrown in the trash. Maybe you’ll fare better than I with this charming and hilarious tutorial from The Awl: Perfect Tarte Tatin in Ten Easy Steps.

Apparently, this is going to be a nasty flu/winter illness season. Here’s a list of common cold remedies from the creative community on Design Sponge, from essential oils to grated ginger to onion sandwiches.

A series of artificial islands called “Blue Plan” to be built in Copenhagen by architects Tredje Natur and PK3, is intended to draw attention to the city’s harbor, encouraging recreation, interaction with nature and a greater sense of awareness of the consumption of this precious resource. The islands will correspond to five zones, ranging from the sci-fi like House of Water (pictured above) to the plant-covered Bird Island. Copenhagen is one of the few harbor towns where the water is clean enough to both bathe and fish in. Via Dezeen.

We love this reclaimed oak tub caddy from makers of beautiful objects, Peg and Awl. It’s perfect for reading without drenching your book (or short wiring your kindle).

Happy Thursday!