In the Woodshop: Reclaimed Bowling Lanes: UPDATED 1/18/13


We were fortunate enough to acquire two salvaged bowling lanes from Indiana via Architectural Anarchy, and brought them into our woodshop to make them into some handsome furniture.

Be sure to check this link to see the final result!

The two lanes were in great condition, needing just a few rounds of sanding around the edges. The arrows pointing towards what used to be the strike zone are still visible, which will add some character in the lanes’ next life as a chair or console.

Sparks flew as Mike used an angle grinder to smooth out the sides of the lanes.

One of the lanes is split into thirds, while the other is kept whole, possibly to be used in one long table.

Watch this space to find out what these lanes end up becoming!

UPDATE 1/18/13

A few weeks in the woodshop later, and the lanes are well on their way to becoming a series of furniture. Our first piece is a short table/bench.

The legs were cut at a 45 degree angle with a miter so they could meet the top of the table, but first the table had to be planed down to one and three quarter inches (it was originally two and three quarter inches thick.)


We fixed a piece of walnut onto the edge of the table, to bring out the darker color of the arrows on the lanes.  The wood was leftover reclaimed barnwood from our book and wine shelf.


Here the table is resting in clamps to keep the edge tightly fixed to the table while it dries.


Here are the pieces of walnut we used to line the edges.


All that remains is to finish the table with a clear laquer, to protect the wood and add vibrancy to the color.



Stay tuned to find out the next projects we have planned for these lanes.

Happy Friday!