Out of the Woodshop: Bowling Alley Console



We’d like to introduce the Bowling Alley Console, big sib to our much beloved Bowling Alley Bench.  If you want to adopt it and take it home, click here!

Like so many of our most beautiful furniture items and interior finishes, this  is wood sourced from a demolished building and RE-purposed.  For us, working with reclaimed materials is such an obvious win / win – we get to take advantage of the incredible beauty of some of these reclaimed materials AND we get to reduce our impact by keeping them out of a landfill and (third win) not requiring a lot of new materials to be used.

The wood for this console comes from the same pair of lanes (salvaged by Architectural Anarchy) that we used for the Bowling Alley Bench.  These bowling alley pieces are particularly fun to work with because, not only do they show off the beautiful wood they are made from, but, they are recognizable as what they used to be.  The arrows marked for the strike zone are clear in the table surface of the console, as is the contrast between the striped area and the more consistently blonde ball-only area.



Repurposing the bowling lane wood into a bench or table brings the (really stunning) wood work up closer to eye (and hand) level where it can be appreciated as it deserves.

console collage

Using a slightly different detail from the original bowling alley bench (which had mitered corners) we’ve used a simple steel T to join the console top to its legs.  Its an almost invisible connection from afar and up close it provides a minimalist division between the two pieces of wood that almost makes the table top float over its supports.

console sketch

We currently have the console in our own front hall (where we can best admire it) but its ready to head out into the world and find of home of its own soon!


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