Furniture Feature: the X Task Desk


This locally sourced table is the foundation of our work here at Moss HQ in a very literal sense.  A pair of X Task desks face each other, supporting the main workstations of our office.  We can personally attest that they offer plenty of space for computers, files and even a full spread architectural drawings.

(Note: like all the other furniture at Moss, the X Task is fully cat tested and approved.)

A Barn Turned into a Table

The X Task desk surfaces are constructed from reclaimed Elm, salvaged from a barn in Cambridge, IL.  Their gleaming boards show off the richly textured wood grain, swooping knots and holes from old nails.  That history is preserved in the surface that supports all our designs. Cold rolled steel legs, in a simple X shape were fabricated in Pilsen and the tables were assembled right here at Moss HQ.

If you, too, would like to be the proud owner of this fine desk, find it available for purchase on Etsy.


We know where our wood comes from

The slabs of wood that make up our X Task desk grew just a hop, skip and short drive away, not in the rainforests of Brazil.  Why does that matter?

where the x task comes from

We wrote last month about the importance of ethical wood sourcing.  You can read all about it there in greater detail, but the short version is this:

American and European demand for tropical hardwood causes major deforestation. Sourcing wood from the tropics clears forests both directly, when we take specific hardwoods for harvest, and indirectly, when the roads cut to effect that logging open the way for impoverished farmers and ranchers who come in to slash and burn the remaining forest, completing the deforestation chain.

We can mitigate this damage by choosing sustainably grown and harvest wood sources certified by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council.  We can do even more by choosing to feature locally sourced or even storm damaged trees from the area right around us.  And the best choice … sourcing a local reclaimed wood product like these barn boards that make up the X Task Desk.

Plus, the X task desk serves a secondary function as … photoshoot backdrop

what your architect is doing for you today

Aside from making us feel great about saving the rainforest, and supporting all our daily activities, its also so very photogenic (especially in combination with the lovely natural light in the office) that it has featured as the backdrop for many impromptu photoshoots!

Here it is, showing off lovely wood grain and a slew of sketches for our recent post on what exactly it is we do for our clients every day, and, below, it shows off its own sweet self in its incarnation as a dining table – one which can still multitask as a great work surface.


If you’d like to know more about the piece … or would like to buy it … visit the page on our website or the Etsy sale page, or get in touch with us directly by phone or email.