Furniture Feature: Willow Springs Live Edge Table


Our trusty office cat, Bosco, helps us model the Willow Springs Live Edge Table.  This solid and beautiful piece of furniture is the centerpiece of our office meeting area and does double duty as a model of one of our favorite custom furniture pieces available for sale through our Etsy shop or in person through the office.  

Where does this Live Edge Table SURFACE Come from?

All of our designs reach their final stages at our studio in Lakeview, but where they start varies; sometimes we find a particularly inspiring slab of old growth wood from a demolished house, or in the case of our bench, we happened upon two bowling alleys with an uncertain future, and dreamed up a series of pieces inspired by its texture, color and feel.

IMG_0651 copy

The Willow Springs Table originates from Willow Springs, Illinois (hence the name), where gorgeous old Black Walnut table was struck by lightning and damaged.  Here’s a sketch of its sadly spit state.

willow springs table tree sketch two

The damage from the lightning strike revealed the beautiful gradating stripes of the tree rings.  It simply called out to be milled into slabs.


Constructing the Willow Springs Table

We were happy to oblige and give the tree new life as this handsome live-edged dining / meeting table.  Priority one was, of course, to preserve and show off the character of the wood – keeping its natural edges and showing off its rich colors.  To that, we added a base of cold rolled steel legs mounted to a steel base for the table.  Below are the drawings for the model that forms a centerpiece in the moss office with the following dimensions: 10′ 6″ long x 36 to 38″ wide (live edge) x 2′-6″ high.  Custom variations of that are available on request if you’d like to modify that dimension to fit your own needs!

live edge table design drawings


And here it is in situ in our very own moss HQ.

moss HQ

If you’d like to know more about the piece … or would like to buy it … visit the page on our website or the Etsy sale page, or get in touch with us by phone or email.  We’d love to see more of this beautiful walnut tree to off to good homes!