Live Edge Dining Table and Console


Bring a bit of the tropics into your home with this live edge dining table and console duo. Both pieces are constructed from Guanacaste wood, commonly known as Caro-Caro or Elephant Ear. Guanacaste is abundant in Costa Rica and is most known for its immensity — trees range between 82′ – 164′ and the diameter of the trunk can range between 6′ and 7′. It’s a majestic tree that grows quickly and the golden-brown wood creates beautiful furniture. Like most of our sustainable furniture, the wood was responsibly sourced from a storm-damaged tree, making it more sustainable than clearcut wood.

Caro Caro Dining Table

This exotic hardwood dining table is perfect for enjoying fresco smoothies or guaro cocktails with friends and family. Formed from a single slab of Guanacaste wood, the live edge table has striking wood grain and color variations making it a dramatic piece for any dining room. The rich tones of the tropical wood are complimented with a distinct ‘starburst’ stainless steel base that captures and reflects surrounding light.

The natural live edge leaves the light contrast of the wood intact and the non-toxic, water-resistant tung oil finish protects and beautifies the wood. The slabs are one of a kind and can be customized for any size. Check out our Etsy page for additional details and purchase options.

Guanacaste wood slab in the Costa Rican forest
Caro Caro dining table and Semi Pro console wood slabs post kiln dried and planed
From left: stainless steel base fabrication in the shop — base concept sketch

Semi Pro Console

Let’s get tropical! Jackie Moon and the entire Flint Tropics squad would love to draw up an alley-oop inbounds play around this console, formed from a single slab of Guanacaste wood. The live edge is dramatically tapered and accentuates the color variation in the top from almost white to dark chocolate brown. Check out our Etsy page for additional details and purchase options.

Like any piece of art, our intent was to simply hang the slab in the air with the lightest base possible. We designed the tapered, cold rolled steel legs to gently support the slab while making minimal impact on the ground.

Console base sketch and details
Tung oil application — brings out the natural grain