2019 Bike to Work Commuter Challenge


Longing for a less stressful and more invigorating commute to work? Ditch the car, strap on a helmet and join your fellow cyclists during the two-week, Active Transportation Alliance 2019 Bike to Work Challenge that starts on June 14. You’ll most likely get to work faster, experience less auto road rage, and burn more calories so you can treat yo’ self to that Stan’s Donut calling to you from the cafe.


The challenge is an annual biking competition among workplaces throughout Chicagoland. The competitive aspect is fun; it gets people out on their bikes and raises awareness about cycling. For first-time bike commuters, the challenge shows how easy and fun bike commuting can be, and for die-hards, the challenge taps into the competitive spirit.

Moss bike & brew outing at Metropolitan Brewing

Anyone interested in taking part in this year’s Bike to Work Commuter Challenge can register online with Active Trans. You can join an existing workplace team or create your own team, and by doing so, you automatically become the designated Team Captain. Once a team is created, invite others to join and then record each day how many miles you rode in the trip log. The log keeps track of the miles you rode each day in addition to how much CO2 you saved and how many calories you burned — back to those donuts!


To win, you simply need to get 100% participation for your company. That shouldn’t be too challenging if you’re a small business like we are at moss. Larger organizations might have to amp up the recruiting process to encourage more participation. 

“Bike, bike, bike. Cars man, why?!” Cred: IFC Portlandia

Moss loves to bike to and from the studio and to and from our meetings. We’re excited about the challenge — this is our 7th year participating, and we’re going to crush it!

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