Work Life Balance: Bike to Work Challenge Reprise (spoiler alert: We Still Roll)


moss team on the way

Moss rocked the Bike Commuter Challenge last year in 2013 we’re proud to say that, this year, we still know how to roll!

In case you hadn’t noticed … moss is an office that likes to bike.  We’ve enjoyed demonstrating a commitment to our bicycles this past week during the Bike Commuter Challenge. With six team members we fit into the 5-25 person workplace size category but just because we’re on the small(est) end of that doesn’t mean we didn’t bring the heat.  It might have been easier for us to make our 100 percent participation than a bigger team (although we were one of only three in our category who managed it).  We also racked up the 6th highest mileage for our category and all but one of us made 5 round trips by bike.  Chris tied for 16th in the individual mileage category!

How Chicago Did 

We’re impressed by Plant Chicago and O’Keef Reinhard & Paul (also in our size category) who both biked over 400 miles with only six participants!

Unsurprisingly, the highest totals were accumulated by big groups – Northwestern University totalled 9,343 miles (and with only a 3.5% participation rate)!  Groupon rode 5,926 miles between 300 riders.  Orbitz managed to get 17% of its 725 employees in Chicago to ride at least once and the Center for Neighborhood Technology got a 72% participation rate from a workplace of 147!  Impressively, Studio Gang achieved 100 percent participation with 55 employees, as did Active Trans with 35.

How Moss Did 

Most of our mileage (long or short depending on the person) is due to the simple calculation of distance from home to work.  Chris is the clear winner among us (as he lives just beyond the city limits on the south side and biked up to our Lakeview office every day).  Making that trek is a regular good-weather habit for him.  Matt accumulated his miles in trips away from the office, as he’s made the extremely green life choice to live where he works.  Matt does have the most meetings away from the HQ (especially last week) but site visits by bike are a common activity for all of us, as this snap of Chris and Matt (and Della, not pictured) indicates.  Although choosing to bike every day wasn’t a very big deviation from the norm for us, we had an excellent time doing it.

Here are the final numbers for team moss:::

Our Official Stats:  moss:::

Organization Size: 6 people

Participants: 6

Trips: 28.5

Distance/Miles: 380.1 miles

Active Participants: 100%

Individual Stats: 

Chris Koster: 

Trips: 5

Distance (Miles): 180 miles

Matt Nardella:

Trips: 6

Distance (Miles): 76 miles

Lety Murray:

Trips: 5

Distance (Miles): 42 miles

Emily Torem: 

Trips: 5

Distance (Miles): 29.4

Della Hansmann (team leader):

Trips: 5.5

Distance (Miles): 28 miles

Laura Cripe: 

Trips: 2

Distance (Miles): 24.5 miles