The Walnut Soiree Custom Dining Table


Our clients wanted a custom dining table for their converted bow truss warehouse home, so we designed a piece that would match its unique aesthetic, while still being modern and fun. We started with a live edge table but decided we ultimately wanted something sleeker to complement their collection of existing, clean-lined furniture. Our lumber source was 2×8 solid square-cut planks made from responsibly forested Walnut. Although we did coat ours with a clear finish, Walnut investors will be happy to know Walnut is notoriously hard to stain (noticeably) because of its natural tone variation, meaning this table won’t just last forever—it’ll look good forever too. 

The modern dining table must be flexible in the age of information. With so many people whose work life doesn’t begin and end at the office, it’s necessary to give enough space for a dinner party, a meal shared with family, and late-night e-mails all in one captivating piece. With geometric elements that look strikingly contemporary, yet are echoed among furniture profiles of the past, this custom dining table communicates a touch of industrial glamour that exceeded our clients’ expectations and would look at home in a variety of spaces.

The Modern Dining Table in the woodshop

To support the 12-foot length of the dining table, we wanted a continuous support spine down the middle of the table, but we also wanted there to be some clearance over the floor. So we designed two mortised interlocking rings to elevate the spine at either end. The brass base has a lovely patina on it and was welded together for a seamless finish with no visible hardware. The table shown is 12′ long, 3’6″ deep, and 2’5″ tall, including base and tabletop height. Table dimensions are fully customizable. This custom dining table was fabricated here in Chicago. Visit our Etsy page for purchasing options.