Badger State Live Edge Walnut Table


This Live Edge Walnut table is our ode to the beautiful Black Walnut tree that it came from, which was felled from a storm in Wisconsin (The Badger State). We like our trees felled due to natural causes because it means we don’t have to bring down new trees, and since we pride ourselves on using as much reclaimed material as possible, our reclaimed wood furniture—coming to us by barn and by bowling alley—is always a triumph. The organic, undulating edge of the new table, known as a live edge, means every single piece that emerges from this tree is one of a kind. The edge was not sanded to man-made perfection, nor molded to modernist clean lines, instead allowing for the texture, vintage and life of this majestic tree to be center stage in its next life.

Live Edge Walnut Table

Our client will use their new live edge walnut table as a conference landing pad and co-working space. A modern forum if you will. Before meetings became a four letter word, they were places to make contact with coworkers, to engage in electric discourse that was the foundation of a thousand brilliant collaborations. Steve Jobs knew those conversations were invaluable, and with our heads in our phones so often nowadays, meetings—effectively planned, short-lived and intentionally led—are more necessary for success than ever. A conference table moreso than a cubicle promotes not just the capital M meetings, but also the briefer, more spontaneous ones so necessary for feeling as though you work in a community, not a fishtank (a beta fish tank, since they can’t work with other fish).


Our process is mostly cutting down and varnishing the raw materials we were given to our client’s specifications, making a custom experience from the uniqueness of the wood, to the dimensions of their space. Here are some pictures from the moss woodshop.


Live Edge Walnut Table

The cold rolled steel base of this table is custom made by a local metalworker. The wood is the aforementioned Black Walnut species, a tree prized for its robust wood, excellent walnut harvest and strange ability to wipe out neighboring tomatoes. If you like what you see, check out our other furniture projects, or drop us a line at—we’re always getting inspired by new reclaimed materials and would be excited to collaborate on a piece for your home, office or restaurant.