moss' LAMP Coming Alive: LowLine Market on Southport, June 6th!


UPDATE August 06: scroll down for pictures from the LowLine Market in full swing!

DSC01838 copy

A brand new prepared foods and farmer’s market is coming to Southport Corridor on June 6th. The market is an initiative of the Lakeview Area Master Plan: LAMP, our community-informed vision for the neighborhood of Lakeview, which we completed in 2011.

LowLine rendering web III

rendering web LowLine III

The Low Line (above) is one of our favorite components of LAMP, a detailed makeover for the space between the EL tracks created as a response to surveys revealing that more usable public space was highly desired by many Lakeview residents. The Low Line was our solution to infuse life into an underused parcel of public land in this densely packed commercial district. Among our suggestions were installing a solar lamp lit walking path, planting native flora and featuring local artists on this urban canvas, as well as hosting recurring and one-off events to invite thoroughfare, such as this market (full site plan of the proposed Low Line below).



The market’s mission is consistent with our vision for this public space: create a gathering point for neighbors and vendors, while strengthening a sense of community, and promoting sustainable practices. Another important goal was to increase a sense of security in the neighborhood by populating oft-deserted areas (such as beneath the El tracks) as nothing creates unease like a dark, vacant lot.

Complete list of vendors for the 2013 season can be found on the Low Line Market Facebook page or on their website. They include Nordic Creamery (amazing cheeses), Phoenix Tofu (locally made bean curd!), and Defloured (gluten free baked goods).

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