The Firm, An Architectural Tour


While I can’t say that Tom Cruise or Memphis, Tennessee are outstanding on their own, they coalesce into something 1990’s-level spectacular on the big screen. Written by everyone’s Dad’s favorite author, John Grisham, The Firm was adapted into a 1993 motion picture by Sydney Pollack. This movie had everything; a malicious Wilford Brimley, an albino henchman, secret documents, murder, intrigue, and Gary Busey. And if you grew up in the early nineties, with HBO, no doubt that you watched the movie at least twenty times during each summer.

I had the pleasure of visiting Memphis for several days a few years ago and spent most of my time between plates of BBQ and seeking out the famous locations of The Firm. Below are the glorious backdrops featured in the film. All photos by me. (these photos used to reside on my personal Instagram account, but it was hacked by religious fanatics and detox tea hucksters). To the tour!

Mitch is welcomed to Bendini, Lambert & Locke (The Firm) with a cocktail gala atop the Peabody Hotel. Abby clearly has her misgivings about the whole situation.


After growing suspicion that the firm is up to no good, Mitch secretly meets Tammy at the Front Street Deli to covertly discuss how to steal the files. Mitch chokes down an egg salad sandwich.


Mitch sets up a clandestine office at the Cotton Exchange Office Building on Front and Union to copy Bendini, Lambert & Locke’s secret files. Tammy smokes cigarettes and operates the Xerox machine.


Mitch eludes the security detail and steals a few hours aboard the elevated tram to Mud Island. Later spotted, ‘Nordic Man’ sprints across the bridge to confront Mitch. Mitch kicks the ‘Squat’ henchman (later Hank Schrader of Breaking Bad fame) to avert capture.


Mitch narrowly escapes the meaty paws of Bendini, Lambert & Locke’s head of security/hitman Bill DeVasher (Wilford Brimley), by jumping out of this window and onto the pillowy cotton truck idling below. DeVasher is later kicked to death by Mitch in a dank basement.