moss green architect reclaimed wood desk

X Task Desk


All over the world, trees are being felled to clear space for agriculture and to produce all kinds of wood and paper products. As recently as 2005, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that over 13 million hectares of forest are removed every year. Domestically we have managed to wipe out almost all virgin forests east of the Mississippi River in just 400 years. That’s not a great track record.

Designed and fabricated by moss, our X Task Desk tabletop is made of reclaimed Elm from a demolished barn in Cambridge, IL—slowing down that deforestation by hopefully a second or two.

moss green architect reclaimed elm wood desk

Like our LAX Task Desk, the X Task Desk is constructed of materials sourced from within 150 miles of Chicago. The cold rolled steel legs, custom designed by moss, were fabricated in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, and the Elm was planed and assembled at the moss HQ in Lakeview. The X Task Desk is large enough for two workstations.

It is available for purchase on Etsy.