moss design at NeoCon 2012


Next Wednesday, June 13, Matt will be speaking about reclaimed materials and architecture at NeoCon. The panel, called Innovation in Reuse: Designing Green Buildings with Reclaimed Materials will explore the use of salvaged pieces and their role in more sustainable architecture through case studies, with the aim to help promote this helpful practice. Matt’s talk, titled Merging Architecture and Landscape: Reusing and Upcycling Building Materials, will discuss how reclaimed materials help preserve the environment by extracting fewer new materials from natural resources during the building process. As well as giving architectural elements a second (or third) life, this method infuses new buildings with local history, while simultaneously reducing the waste stream.

In addition to Matt, the panel will feature two other speakers, Cynthia Main of the ReBuilding Exchange, one of Chicago’s premiere places for finding salvaged materials; and William Emmick, Project Architect at Studio Gang. The moderator is Rashmi Ramaswamy, partner at SHED studio, a design studio with a commitment to sustainability and social justice.

NeoCon, short for The National Exposition of Contact Furnishings, is North America’s largest trade show. The panel will take place from 9:30-11:00 on June 13 in MMCC 1. Tickets are $55 if you haven’t pre-registered. Hope to see you there!