The Railroader Console: Out of the Workshop


This latest fruit of the moss Furniture Division is an eclectic tribute to some of Chicago’s history.  Made (and inspired) right here in our home city, the Railroader Console could be right at home with you.  Click here to make it yours!

wells-street-bridge_courtesy Postcard Roundup

In keeping with our tradition we began with a re-claimed wood product – in this case a pair of wooden beams – and a found object – a pair of industrial machine legs and tied them together with a custom designed steel bracket inspired by Chicago’s historic Well’s Street bridge.  We think the parts have come together rather nicely.  Don’t you?


The main surface is sourced from our favorite re-purposing partner, Rebuilding Exchange.  Although it looks like railroad ties, the two pieces are actually sourced from a demolished building.  The craggy surface is beautiful, and fun to run your fingers over.

The supporting legs are another pair of found objects.  These former machine stand legs were just lying around at Architectural Anarchy, waiting for someone to give them a new lease on life.  We don’t know the exact history of our particular pair of legs (shown bottom right) but they were probably used something like the Barnes’ Patent Foot-Power tools advertised below or the wood shop table saw in the old-timey picture.

They are a little weather beaten but that cast iron is still able to hold up a lot more than a rail-road tie and a few drinks.  Lean as much as you’d like.


Tying together the two found pieces together, is a tribute to both Chicago’s industrial and rail-base past.  A laser-cut steel bracket inspired by the Wells Street bridge crossing the Chicago River.  We’ve always been fans of Chicago’s beautiful bridges and making this tribute to their form and function seemed particularly apropos.  The brackets were cut for us by David Greene of Chicago local, Iron and Wire.

component_bracket DSC04032

Of course the eventual owner of this console can use it however they see fit, but we find it a really great accouterment for friendly and fun drinking.  As you can see below – its equally suited to a preference for wine or beer.  We’ve included an image with a scale figure (in this case, Matt showing off his snazzy binoculars).  As you can see the console is the perfect height for an average to tall person to lean their elbow on while sipping a drink and engaging in great conversation (or a visual battle of lens versus lens)!

scale collage

And here is an action shot with Bosco, demonstrating how time literally slows down around the relaxing railroader console while he blurs by on his feline errands.   Why not take this beautiful piece home with you today and let it create the same peaceful slow zone around you?

DSC04216_bosco action